Love Sick 11/7/17

I think I’ve caught a cold,

And no matter how much I rest,

I feel it in the way I breathe,

and the beating of my chest.


I try to sleep it all away,

Keep the tides at bay.


But all the same,

when I hear her name,

I get sicker every day


My medicine is the sound,

that dances from her lips,

a melody that melts me,

and sounds like a kiss.


The infection is the strands

that flow down her neck,

weakens me like poison leaves

a wreck of broken man.


At night I hear her tears,

Fall upon my roof.


If only she knew,

the healing truth.


That I could stop the rain.


And maybe she’s sick,

for strawberry pain

words like coughing syrup


But my words are sweet

for a tupelo treat,

to help it all go down.


Her symptoms pain, So stop the rain,

And please let me in.


This love is sick,

Each glance a brick,

That builds up my hospital.


And I’ll look up,

At my loving nurse,

To grab her precious hand,


and ask her true

to come down too,

with this wonderful flu.


“I’d happily stay sick for you”




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