Always to Alayna 12/25/17

Family is not forged in blood or genes,

its bonded in love, sensitivity.


The first week of college,

I sat alone

in a dorm coutyard

drowning in tears and loneliness


My mother called and plainly said

“don’t worry son,

you won’t be alone,

you’ll make a new family

you’ll feel loved, you’ll see”


and as life often knows,

I had a hole in my heart,

in my soul.


and life gave me you

to which I’ll always be thankful

my court yard tears,

were heard by an angel

who sent me you.


And I’ve got you now a family and friend,

which I will cherish and love,

beyond the very end.


I will never stop thanking

the sweet in my tea

the strength at my back,

the heart in my home.


I will always love you

I will always be your friend

I will always appreciate you




Always Alayna






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