Tenacious T 1/1/18

What tenacious means to me,

is that no matter the weight you’re free.


It means things get scary,

and you will always get up

it means you get hurt

but always know love.


it means no one can stop you.


That is what tenacious means to me

and tenacious is your heart,

When I look in your eyes

I could never deny

the unstoppable, the survivable, flying in the sky.


and to tell you’s a good start

but its not all I hope

I want to show you

the fire within your soul

for my biggest fear

and deepest sadness

is that you’ll never know.


that you are what tenacious means,

its just another word for you


I believe in you T

I can feel your fire

and anyone who denies your strength,

lets be real, they’re a fucking liar


for your personality

who.you. are.

will take you far above,

and show the world,

you are something higher.


I don’t have much,

but I’d bet it all,

on exactly who you are.


This is what tenacious means

its exactly what you are

even beneath winter sky

you burn the brightest star.


Tenacious T






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