That “more-than” Moment 1/24/18

Our relationship, like all others,

is comprised of moments

that act like bricks

which we use to connect to each other


granted, our bridge is well constructed

with many moments, each beautiful

on their own, yet coming together

to form something even more breathtaking


like stars, beautiful in their own right, but

forming a kaleidoscope more spectacular together


however, there is a brick I’ve named:

“That more-than moment”


a time when a person discovers

they care about a person,

more than they care about themselves


Sitting on a tile floor,

my body screamed “Close your eyes”

but my heart whispered “Not until she is okay”


and my heart was more persausive


happily I became a soldier

fighting to defend his country


but my country was a soul

I cherish and treasure

my country was you


My chest felt each retch

as if it was my own

my nerve endings recreated

each pain you felt


As far as my eyelids fell,

they never fell so far,

that they couldn’t make sure,

your hair never hit the water


In this moment, you won a place in my heart

reserved for those, I put above myself

cheerfully, wonderfully, on a pedestal

made of marble and smiles


and in this moment, our bridge became stronger

I could feel myself place

“That more than moment” brick down


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