Breath 2/4

Certain animals

in deep saves

don’t have eyes


they’ve never seen light

so they don’t know they’re blind


certain men

with deep hearts

don’t have eyes


they let themselves look

so they didn’t know


what it felt like

to see someone


they actually

truly,  care about


Certain fish

in deep seas

live their lives


underwater, never knowing

what its like

to not be able to breath


certain men

live in those seas

with the fish


believing the sensation some

call “drowning”, to simply be



I have live 21 years,

which is 7,666 days, or

183,960 hours, or

11 million minutes

600 million seconds


and for each one

of those precious moments

I have been drowning


calling salt water,

fresh air


and on soft sheets

with a bead of sweat

dripping down my chest


I felt sunrays

between my fingers


and I took my first breathe


and learned how breathing felt

learned how I should have been

learned about the world

I want to live in


Now this animal

has emerged from his cave

and looks at the sun


whispering, pleading,


“don’t stop shining

I’ve seen the light

I don’t want to go back

I can breathe now


you are my sun

warm me, love me

and don’t you ever stop


let me pull you close

give me air

breathe love,


breathe yourself into me,


So I can hold my breahte

and always feel the effect

you have on me


love me. give me breath”






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