Let Go 2/9/18

When we see a beautiful flower

we pick it

because we want it


we think we can keep it

put it in a vase

and the flower will grow strong


and happy


and in the sunlight

it looks like the flower

belongs in the vase

but it doesn’t


we saw something we thought was beautiful

and we thought we loved it


but by picking it,

by trying to obtain it,

we ripped it from its world


our actions caused the flower

to start dying

no matter how much we watered it


and at a certain point


we must admit the truth

our faults, killed the precious flower


so all we can do

is say to the flower,


“I’m sorry.”


and plant its seeds back in the ground

so it can regrow, heal itself


and possibly another flower will grow

right next to the flower we picked


maybe two flowers,

one that looks like the flower we loved

and one different flower,so the flowers

can love each other


and we’ve learned our lesson

we won’t pick the flower,

but rather love it from afar

let it grow and shine its own way


so smile, I’ll smile, and we can

blow the seeds into the wind


and let go


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