I Poisoned Picasso 2/27/18

I believed

I could show you

what love is


yet you

showed me

something more real


my flaws


I am selfish. Ungrateful.

I am wild. hurtful.

Disorganized. Dumb.


my jagged lines

slit your throat

and my new knowledge

couldn’t save you


and now

all I do

is run my finger

over those jagged lines,

and bleed,


yet still


3 truths exists:

  1. I am sorry. eternally
  2. I never have and never will stop caring about you.
  3. The best way I’ve found to help you is to keep myself away, so I don’t hurt you more


but every day

every wish I make

every eyelash, clover, and star,

is the same …


please, let her forget the pain

and remember the laughter.


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