Everyday Life

Forms of Anxiety and Panic: poems by various author colleagues

(This is a living document, that will grow as authors contribute, if you would like to add on to this, email me at ofpoemsandplaces@gmail.com)



Anxiety: by Anaka Boomgaard 


My body is electricity. It is vibrato in my veins.


Too fast for the naked eye.


I am prepared to flee from fear that isn’t truly there.


I am perched at the top of the incline.

Stuck in the middle of the fall.


My stomach is in my chest and my heart has fluttered away.


You could find worlds in my eyes.

They’re wide enough for galaxies.


Every moment is a tiger’s striped fur through swishing grass.

I am an antelope.



If I were calm, I’d be the eye of the hurricane:

everything is whirling around me.


My senses are on fire and so are my veins.

Each breath I take births new embers.

I cannot smother this feeling.




Panic: by Josh Preston


My head is a screech. It is acid in my veins.


Melting my functional body.


I have ruined love and labor,

running from dangers that never existed.


I am slammed onto the ground.

Soaked in tears and sweat.


My breath has abandon me as my hands cower in drool.


You could find worlds in my eyes.

Each one, a way to die.


Every moment is a fish in dessert sand.

I am a ticking clock.

A failure.


If I were calm, I’d be a monkey in a cage:

all eyes are on me.


My senses are screaming.

So is my chest.

Each thought I have new terrors.

I cannot feel safe.


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