Guest Author

mediocracy: by Tori Ross

I have learned to accept my mediocracy


jack of all trades, master of none


like a lamp in a room

serves a purpose but

is not extraordinary

and is noticed hardly ever


my mediocracy gives me a heavy heart

but it doesn’t bring me completely down


it makes me down when I know

I’ll never be the best


but it brings me up

when I am reminded of the humanity of it


my mediocracy allows me to connect to branches

of different trees

all stringing out forming different subjects,

different ideas,

different people


my mediocracy allows me to see

the world in a whole

instead of the small parts

others pick and choose to view


my mediocracy keeps me versatile and multifaceted


my mediocracy reminds me that I can do anything

and that I enjoy everything


maybe my mediocracy

is more preferable than those

master of one


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