Everyday Life · Guest Photographer

My Soul for a Penny 7/23/2018

I don’t do what I want to do,

I do what I have to do,

80% of the time.


another 10% is for sleeping.

and that last 10% …


is where my life happens.


I have spent four hours

making a square move

when I press the “a” key


I have spent 5 hours

typing up my most intimate feelings,

to be skipped between selfies and memes


I have games no one can play

I have poems that make 4 cents a month


They say to do what you love,

not because it becomes anything,

but because you love it.


but what if, like your work, you are becoming nothing,

nothing more than games no one plays,

and poems that mean nothing,


what if you sold your soul for pennies?

I do what I love 10% of the time,

how am I supposed to breath the 90?


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