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Don’t Give Up 7/24/2018

Anything of value

takes awhile to get


Need proof?


When was the last time

that something quick …


made you truly happy?


If you changed your passion

your mission

your goal


every time you failed at doing what’s next

every time your sacrifices bore no fruit

every time your work and your dreams, became vapor.


you’d do nothing but fail.


but if fail

and try again,

you can’t fail worse,


try again and maybe …


you don’t fail.

Maybe it was worth something.


maybe that dream,

is more valuable

than all alternatives,


“Ever tried.

Ever failed.

No matter.

Try again.

Fail again.

Fail better.”

– Samuel Becket


“Don’t give up”

– Josh Preston


“It was worth it.”

– You




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