Time to Bloom

After our world Collapses

there’ll be plenty of room

with space to stretch

and time to bloom.

So let’s catch our breath

and collect the rain

smell the flowers

and count the planes.

Don’t push too hard

just let life be

all things will change

all prisoner’s freed.

So worry not when life is gloom

for there is life to live

and we’ve time to bloom.

I am on Fire

Beyond the consideration of others

above the constraints of my body

lies this places

this tender home

Where the sound my soul sings

pours out like wine into my glass.

Where I cast shadow puppets

from the light that shines within me.

Somewhere in that place

I kiss eternity,

lay with the present moment,

and I . am . on . fire.

I Step Again

How truly magnificent is a fresh start

breathing possibilities into our hearts

all the while whispering

quiet and hopeful


How blissful is winter’s first snow fall

to pile these sheets so pure and tall

all the while wishing

gentle and peaceful


How thankful is the afternoon sun

for restarting after having begun

all the while waltzing

smooth and graceful


On white snow,

I step again