I Will Love You First

I will love you first

you beautiful man

you warm soul

you red heart.

I knew you before any one else.

Forever my friend,

even when I didn’t pay attention to you

or take the time to enjoy that genuine smile.

I’m aware of the truth that compels you.

The kindness and light you aim to give.

The compassion that lingers on your honeyed words

there will be others,

new lovers to know ,

new glories to see,

and many new experiences.

But I will not stop:

drawing hearts in that mirror

blowing kisses at that shadow.

I will love you first.

The Cure

Every day advertisements make their subtle demands:

“Buying will solve your fevered longing”

Every night movies work to convince me:

“Her love will heal the dark corners of your soul”

Yet each time I feel the morning sun on my face

or hold a kitten’s purring paw

or hear the laughter in my brother’s voice

I peel back the thin curtains of illusion

and fold the carefully market lies

into paper airplanes

to gently let go of

For thankfulness,



That is the real cure for what ails me.

For this Moment

Thank you,

for enjoying a warm coffee with me

letting our brains float in beans

and laughing at the notion.

For sharing your insights

your precious wisdoms

and calming presence.

There is an air of freedom around us

allowing spirituality and curiosity

to dance gently from our lips

and into this space.

I have seen my fair share of beautiful people in this important time

but to experience a beautiful soul,

well that is a newer gleam

to brighten my winter afternoon.

So thank you,

for this moment.

The Brighter the Burn

All feelings, All conditions

have their place within us

solemn actors with roles to play

important and impermanent

never to stay

but simply to contrast softer mornings.

In dark rooms

candles burn brighter,

After heartbreak

lips taste sweeter,

Before water freezes

birds fly somewhere warmer.

I will befriend depression

let him shelter this weary soul

when rest is needed more than its known.

I will make anxiety my lover

to make my blood circulate

when my limbs must carry me elsewhere.

The darker the room

the brighter the candle’s flame

and I know that flame…

will be spectacular.