The Color of Friends’ Skies

There is a truth

rooted and unchanging

beneath small wishes

among clouds sailing:

(I am thankful for you).

There is a smile

pleasant and genuine

that calls for nothing more

to end or begin:

(Just how you are).

There is a laugh

so special and unique

for still I treasure

all you say and think:

(endlessly precious to me).


I am thankful for you

just how you are

exactly how you are,

endlessly precious to me.

Flowers in Her Hair

I hope there’s flowers in her hair

a wild wind mingling with root and rose

laughter in her voice from sun on her nose.

I hope she takes those little petals

places them down as silken white bookmarks

in those poetry books we read when apart.

I hope she’s somewhere out there now

tracing the tender trenches of her pillow

left void and open by an equally broke heart.

I hope she finds me

or maybe she won’t,

but all the same…

I hope there’s flowers in her hair.


I cannot tell you

The color of tomorrow’s sunrise

or what hues will burn

like leaves before eyes.

I cannot tell you

which plants in your garden

will bloom before others

or which ones you will have to prune

and wait for a season longer.

But I can tell you,

tomorrow is on its way.

You will step into that all-new day,


The Green Will Grace Us

The green will grace us,

we will taste summer air.

We will feel a warmth

more calm and real

than that which frosts

with passing winters.

The sun will touch us

kissing our forehead

brightening our hair

beckoning flowers from the dirt.

Yes this green will emerge

surrounding us in thin symphonies

gently rocking nylon arms

which cradle weary souls.

For summer, my loves,

is approaching

The green will grace us again.


In her nest she sings to me

soft and sweet

reminding me of the coming spring

and the thawing of our hearts.

Across the trees

a duet begins

her cheerful harmony

showing me the possibility of connections again.

In her nest she sings to me

My new world:

Simply listening.

Romantic Hearts

A frigid winter’s night apart

can’t stall this fervent start

nothing quite so cold and black

can freeze romantic hearts

I can bathe in cherry red

take sips from crystal glass

for no dark horizon’s call

is ever made to last

All these hues they call to me

perhaps I’ve always seen

the one eternal truth I know

romantic hearts are free