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Brothers of Frightful Sea 5/28/18

We vikings,

raiders of foreign shores,

brave the unknown steel


Each step a swing,

Each word a block,


For Each day and Each way,

to breath unscathed,

a quiet scream to say,


we haven’t given up

we do not surrender!


so we stand against the tide,

arms out stretched

for love’s wings unfurl inside us

and give us flight above all else.


oh, my kin of war

guard me mine

for all hope we have

is all we hope to be


my brother of frightful sea.

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The Time Capsule: by Penny Preston 5/22/18

My calendar must be replaced

this I hate to do.

The memories invoked within are pleasing to review.


I’ll forget about the dentist.

Don’t remind me of the vet,

but the movie night with girlfriends

brought some fun I don’t regret.


I enjoyed the cookout with my sons.

Had pleasure at the beach

The potluck at work had lots of laughts

I like reliving each…


I, now, glance down into my purse

my checkbook is all full.

ohhh…. the craftshow ….

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To the men who made me 4/20/2018

To the men who made me

forged me from steel

you’ve given me strength

and a love more real,

than ever I’ve known,

or ever I’ll feel.


Dear father, please hear me

know deep my heart

you’ve shown me life’s gears,

its machinations,

its parts.


Dear brother, you whole wild youth

I see earthly remains

of bold innate truth,

its brave fortitude,

burning greatly in you.


To the men who made me

chiseled from stone

you’ve given more life

than ever I’ve known


and I’ll love you more

than can ever be shown.


Alexis 4/17/2018

Family is not blood

but the weight of the bond

which binds in loving tether

strong, fierce, together


For sister is a role

that my life’s never known

yet I’ve felt that love

for dear Alexis alone


Your strength,

inspires me

Your feats,

surprise me

your wisdom,

enlightens me


And in deepest night

or in Summer’s bright light


I will love




the big sis I never had

and the only one,

I’ll ever need


yet I have one request,

if you’d please,

smile for me today

and if its okay,

every other day too.


Brothers 3/30/2018

Friends come and go

Lovers will leave you

for there is only one thing

left when you’re through,




Not the kind bound by money

situation or chance

but blood and home

is the tether which lasts,


My Brothers.


So hear me brother

wherever you are

be it home safe

or in countries abroad

know that no distance

for me is too far




your blood beats in my heart

your scars share on my chest

I will forsake and war

against life and what’s left


My Brother.


We share a tattoo,

because the only unconditional love

for me

is you.

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Complimentary 3/29/18

Green and Red

my lover and my friend

the yin to yang

my balance, my middle way,

for every day



Purple and Yellow

the feeling I bellow

the sun when I rain

the calm when I’m insane

you kiss my pain away



One strength to shield the other’s weakness

One so boisterous when the other is meakness


The moon in my stars

the playlist in my car

by miles and yards

by oh so far



Boppin’ with Beethoven 3/28/2018

Among a sea

of maroon and gold

I see faces

growing pained and old


how they need the sweet

for their health and heart

they need people to create music

and you my friend

are a really good start


so don’t stop your creation

give art its birth

fill those tired eyes with a glimpse of mirth


don’t stop boppin’

heal them with sound

I thank God this campus

has Beethoven around