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The Time Capsule: by Penny Preston 5/22/18

My calendar must be replaced

this I hate to do.

The memories invoked within are pleasing to review.


I’ll forget about the dentist.

Don’t remind me of the vet,

but the movie night with girlfriends

brought some fun I don’t regret.


I enjoyed the cookout with my sons.

Had pleasure at the beach

The potluck at work had lots of laughts

I like reliving each…


I, now, glance down into my purse

my checkbook is all full.

ohhh…. the craftshow ….

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I hate the rain: by Trevor S.

I hate the rain


I hate the way it looks

I hate the way it makes me feel

I hate the way it reminds me


of my failures

my pains

all the times I’ve hurt…


…the people I love


I hate the way it slides down windows

I hate the way it makes my clothes stick


to my skin

my mind

all these memories…


… that drown the present


pour down my throat

until I’m coughing

until oxygen is a memory too

burning in my veins

ripping me apart


I hate that it rains when love dies


when you died

it rained too much,

and you drowned


and I want


to drown too


I hate the rain

Death · Guest Author

The Soldier: by Penny Preston

The bullets whizzed by as the war raged on.

My training was put to the test.

I saw my friends fall. My mind became numb.

Then a sudden pain filled my chest.


My world turned gray and all sounds grew faint.

Life’s end would leave so much undone.

As I slipped into darkness the last thought I had

was I wish I could just hold my son.


I was jarred awake as man carried me.

We reached the top of a hill.

He set me down gently and squeezed my hand.

Then all of the sudden grew still.


My sob burst free when I saw he’d been hit.

The injustice filled me with grief.

This man who’d saved me had just been killed,

and I stared in pained disbelief.


Now several months later it’s Easter. I’m home.

I realize the gift of God’s son.

He knew he would die to save all of our lives

and a new life for me has begun.


I freely accept this precious gift

by no earning or deed is it gained.

But by the way that I live, may he realize my love

and know he did not die in vain.

Guest Author · Nature

The View: by Penny Preston

As I looked out through my window I knew fall was in the air.

The neighbor’s tree in color is a view beyond compare.

My window frames it perfectly, a frame through which I see

a picture-perfect pleasure standing tall majestically.

But then I noticed with a frown, this view that sends delight,

because it branches start so high, is above their line of sight.

This dazzling work of nature is a thing they can’t behold.

In fact, to them it’s just plain work, I bet, if truth were told.

I surmise I even do the same. I only notice stress,

and simply take for granted what’s perceived by most as blessed.

We often fail to notice what other people see,

because we’re busy raking leaves and stressed-out constantly.

I think I’ll get my neighbor, though it may seem strange to do,

and ask her over to my yard to get a better view.

Guest Author

His Presence: by Penny Preston

I ran into a person

while shopping at the store

I thought she looked familiar,

like someone I’d known before.


Others whom I thought I knew

showed up in my day

They all appeared familiar,

but from where I could not say.


I watched with slight confusion

at a kindness they displayed,

or a reminiscent caring

in a gesture they portrayed.


How were we acquainted?

Where had we met before?

It drove me to distraction,

and as I paced the floor…


The Lord said, “Do no ponder.

Let your troubled thoughts be free.

There’s a reason they’re familiar,

for it’s me in them you see.”