Lineage of Giants

I use my finger

to trace the lineage of giants.


Ralph Waldo Emerson, gave birth to Thoreau

with secluded notebooks he writ in

which inspired my lover Walt Whitman.


I use my ear

to listen to the echoes

of the giant’s guitars


Albert King played a lick to Stevie Ray Vaughn

who played songs heard by my favorite

to John Mayer I play Slow Dancing right along


Take your favorite

author, musician,

dancer, whatever

it doesn’t matter


They were inspired by others

who you should meet now or later

you might find you enjoy

their similar flavor


The Wonder of Words 3/1/18

Between every word I read

I see the gift you’ve all given me:


The ability to take a word,

and feel its pulse

understand its truths


The knowledge,

to take a sentence

and let it bloom in my hand

then sing in my ear


The love,

to use stories

as bandages to heal my heart

and guide my soul


No matter life’s course

words will be my companions


and I will always be thankful

to the teachers,


who showed me The Wonder of Words.