Guest Photographer · Love · Nature

Down to Earth 5/11/18

The best part of me

is also the worst

always in my head

always far away


Dreaming of stories

playing fantasy

never in the now

never truly here


All the more wildly I need,


a heavenly body

to pull me to earth

a true dream girl

to wake me right up


a soul like yours


to keep me present

show me whats around


pull me down


deeper down


to earth, this wonderful earth

to life, this wonderful life

to this moment,

here with you,


my beautiful love.

Everyday Life · Guest Photographer · Nature

Limp Again 4/24/18

I am running fast enough

to never catch my breath

build, create, dismantle

until I’ve nothing left


step, turn, and step again

I run further on,

break my legs

and limp for days

never noticing the ponds


I run too hard

and hurt myself

I’ll probably do it again

bathe in blood, and sweat, and sin

why did I begin?


oh so fast,

I limp again,


I pray life slows me down.

If it can only teach itself

or learn a method how.

Death · Guest Author · Nature

I hate the rain: by Trevor S.

I hate the rain


I hate the way it looks

I hate the way it makes me feel

I hate the way it reminds me


of my failures

my pains

all the times I’ve hurt…


…the people I love


I hate the way it slides down windows

I hate the way it makes my clothes stick


to my skin

my mind

all these memories…


… that drown the present


pour down my throat

until I’m coughing

until oxygen is a memory too

burning in my veins

ripping me apart


I hate that it rains when love dies


when you died

it rained too much,

and you drowned


and I want


to drown too


I hate the rain

Guest Photographer · Nature · Travel

The Calling 4/13/2018

To the road on the hill

which beacons me softly

whispering sweetly,


“do not survive, but thrive

take the immaculate misconception

and run from it”


To the house by the lake

which acts as bait

to take me

entrap me,


“do not maintain, or know restraint

take the inconceivable deviation

and drive far away”


To the clouds on the horizon

which go on forever

stating plainly,


“do not stay in this safety

go boldly,freely


and on”

Nature · Travel

O’ Summer Dream 4/9/2018

Give me O’ summer sun

that shines a breath of hope

that twirls and furls

fiery hope and fury

to shine down upon

new hope


Give me O river water

which washes out the old

heal me to crystal soul

a peace more real

I know


Give me O’ honeysuckle

singing such sweet scents

then play your tune

for mister moon

your blooming

angel wings


Give me O’ summer dream

dare I say I wait no more?

lightning crash

with leaves of grass

my patience ran its course

apple trees, summer please,

we’ll get there by horse


the sun,

my summer lover’s source.

Guest Author · Nature

The View: by Penny Preston

As I looked out through my window I knew fall was in the air.

The neighbor’s tree in color is a view beyond compare.

My window frames it perfectly, a frame through which I see

a picture-perfect pleasure standing tall majestically.

But then I noticed with a frown, this view that sends delight,

because it branches start so high, is above their line of sight.

This dazzling work of nature is a thing they can’t behold.

In fact, to them it’s just plain work, I bet, if truth were told.

I surmise I even do the same. I only notice stress,

and simply take for granted what’s perceived by most as blessed.

We often fail to notice what other people see,

because we’re busy raking leaves and stressed-out constantly.

I think I’ll get my neighbor, though it may seem strange to do,

and ask her over to my yard to get a better view.

Love · Nature

A Man of Wood (mahogany poet) 3/27/18


Cold Steel

Shapely, Courageous



a man of wood

let me burn

I don’t deserve the steel


splintered tongue

tattered oak

leaves out of my throat

my plastic words

my sandy thoughts

mahogany poet wrote

I wish wood wouldn’t float



Cold Steel

I wish I could improve

but steel leaves me no room


Wood flirts with fire

in tiny steel tubs

wood tries to smelt himself

to knives, nails,

and guns


It doesn’t matter truly,

steels better for hearts and homes,

wood just pretends to know


a man of wood

let me burn

I don’t deserve her steel

I tried to learn,

I tried to build,

but all wood fucking does

is feel



Blossoming in Spring 3/21/18

Soon the trees shall blossom

as our souls follow suit,

we’ve been through pain

and glee the same,

spring kisses us with change,

exciting, exuberant, strange

let loving hearts remain


Soon thee birds shall greet us

sing a sweet soulful tweet

we’ve traveled far

and seen it all

spring births nighttime stars

magnificent, magnanimous, bizarre

so truly lets stand tall


Soon the sun will grow long

breeding life into this earth

we’ve worked our lands

then made our plans

spring reaches towards our hand

wonderful, wild, grand

united together we stand