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The Calling 4/13/2018

To the road on the hill

which beacons me softly

whispering sweetly,


“do not survive, but thrive

take the immaculate misconception

and run from it”


To the house by the lake

which acts as bait

to take me

entrap me,


“do not maintain, or know restraint

take the inconceivable deviation

and drive far away”


To the clouds on the horizon

which go on forever

stating plainly,


“do not stay in this safety

go boldly,freely


and on”

Nature · Travel

O’ Summer Dream 4/9/2018

Give me O’ summer sun

that shines a breath of hope

that twirls and furls

fiery hope and fury

to shine down upon

new hope


Give me O river water

which washes out the old

heal me to crystal soul

a peace more real

I know


Give me O’ honeysuckle

singing such sweet scents

then play your tune

for mister moon

your blooming

angel wings


Give me O’ summer dream

dare I say I wait no more?

lightning crash

with leaves of grass

my patience ran its course

apple trees, summer please,

we’ll get there by horse


the sun,

my summer lover’s source.

Love · Travel

London fog and French cheeses 2/25/18

London fog and French cheeses
linger on my lips
receipts for dreams
and better things
on silken paper slips

Outside is cold
my hope grows old
this is all I have
never again will I behave
or hide myself from sin

Forgo this truth
let life begin
and may it never end

I want to see
this wild world
with my greatest friend

l’amour m’emmène
lover take me away
lets leave for France
and maybe, maybe,