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The Time Capsule: by Penny Preston 5/22/18

My calendar must be replaced

this I hate to do.

The memories invoked within are pleasing to review.


I’ll forget about the dentist.

Don’t remind me of the vet,

but the movie night with girlfriends

brought some fun I don’t regret.


I enjoyed the cookout with my sons.

Had pleasure at the beach

The potluck at work had lots of laughts

I like reliving each…


I, now, glance down into my purse

my checkbook is all full.

ohhh…. the craftshow ….

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Suicide and Bad Dreams 5/19/18

Sometimes I dream of stars

and I hear water bubbling

and I think about our memories

then they dissipate



into dust.


Sometimes I dream of you sleeping

I sit beside you and try to speak

then the dust spills from my mouth

and onto your face

I try to clean it up

but I’m smearing the dust into your eyes

as they fill with blood and tears

then you turn to water

and I hear bubbling.


I wake up in a pool of sweat beside you

and roll over to face you.


I want to cry on your shoulder.

I want hold you forever.

I want to scream at you,

punch a hole in a wall.

I want to shake you,

until those thoughts stop forever



Instead I get and get a glass of water

and for just a second,

I hear bubbling.


Bad Dreams.

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WHY I LOVE ALAYNA (and why you should too) 4/30/18

Alayna has such a positive effect on this world. Every day, in so many ways, she helps and HEALS people. She has dedicated her life to it. Professionally, she works TWO jobs helping abused women and people with disabilities. All the while she kick’s school butt on her way to become a social worker so she can help even more people. Her natural talent at listening heals all her friends in their times of need, and lord knows, it has helped me at some of my lowest points.

She is outrageously fun. She is sassy and spunky, and being around her is addictively wonderful.

She is intelligent and deep, every day she teaches me and broadens my horizons/perspective.

She has a strength I have never experienced. She deals with so much every day, and has been through such steel obstacles. Yet endures and accomplishes true greatness.

She is an absolute wonder.

I love Alayna more and more every day, and you should too.


Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers 4/19/20 ( a rhyming exercise)

rubber baby buggy bumpers

rapping happily by back street dumpster cruppers

a full lump of clump trumpeters

say fast the last tax of a TJ max

or ask why the fly guy sigh’s politly

near by but no knows why

this strange strange guy cries

in lines of nine nights back

to back so tight he might fight

the flight too late to drive

I might lie not to a lazy layman lacking

the triumphant triumphs of a hazy

trained plan elephant fanaticaly

attacking the sacking of hacky sack

matches in mid October,

this droning rover

more grumpy than

a squeaky cleaning

gleaming Grover


A Sonnet for Strangers 2/20/18

Dear Sweet Strangers lend me your ears and hearts

so that triumphantly my words will reach them swift

for I see how cold life smashes beauty apart

yet still this ink falls upon pages like a kiss

and know that kiss is meant to land right on your hand

to make you blush and forget about life for now

do not worry do not shutter its all too grand

we can birth cherished flowers from icy wet snow

those clouds in the sky will not dare block our sun

so stop to breath slowly and deep feel your chest rise

extend all your fingers to grasp firmly whats begun

please dare to remove raging fear’s loud cry

this moment shines its a gem to hold

for you’re the greatest gift I have ever known


My Valentine Kisses The Sun 2/14/17

My Valentine kisses the sun
so my whole day is brighter

My Valentine sings in the rain
and now I cherish storms

My Valentine finger paints
so I see her touch in all good things

She has made tiger lillies
grow in the snow

She has turned mud puddles
into raspberry wine

The sweet fragrance in the air
is my memory with her

My Valentine is the epicenter of beauty
in a maelstrom of ugliness

My Valentine
is cherished
and appreciated

My Valentine kisses the sun



Let Go 2/9/18

When we see a beautiful flower

we pick it

because we want it


we think we can keep it

put it in a vase

and the flower will grow strong


and happy


and in the sunlight

it looks like the flower

belongs in the vase

but it doesn’t


we saw something we thought was beautiful

and we thought we loved it


but by picking it,

by trying to obtain it,

we ripped it from its world


our actions caused the flower

to start dying

no matter how much we watered it


and at a certain point


we must admit the truth

our faults, killed the precious flower


so all we can do

is say to the flower,


“I’m sorry.”


and plant its seeds back in the ground

so it can regrow, heal itself


and possibly another flower will grow

right next to the flower we picked


maybe two flowers,

one that looks like the flower we loved

and one different flower,so the flowers

can love each other


and we’ve learned our lesson

we won’t pick the flower,

but rather love it from afar

let it grow and shine its own way


so smile, I’ll smile, and we can

blow the seeds into the wind


and let go


Breath 2/4

Certain animals

in deep saves

don’t have eyes


they’ve never seen light

so they don’t know they’re blind


certain men

with deep hearts

don’t have eyes


they let themselves look

so they didn’t know


what it felt like

to see someone


they actually

truly,  care about


Certain fish

in deep seas

live their lives


underwater, never knowing

what its like

to not be able to breath


certain men

live in those seas

with the fish


believing the sensation some

call “drowning”, to simply be



I have live 21 years,

which is 7,666 days, or

183,960 hours, or

11 million minutes

600 million seconds


and for each one

of those precious moments

I have been drowning


calling salt water,

fresh air


and on soft sheets

with a bead of sweat

dripping down my chest


I felt sunrays

between my fingers


and I took my first breathe


and learned how breathing felt

learned how I should have been

learned about the world

I want to live in


Now this animal

has emerged from his cave

and looks at the sun


whispering, pleading,


“don’t stop shining

I’ve seen the light

I don’t want to go back

I can breathe now


you are my sun

warm me, love me

and don’t you ever stop


let me pull you close

give me air

breathe love,


breathe yourself into me,


So I can hold my breahte

and always feel the effect

you have on me


love me. give me breath”