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Limp Again 4/24/18

I am running fast enough

to never catch my breath

build, create, dismantle

until I’ve nothing left


step, turn, and step again

I run further on,

break my legs

and limp for days

never noticing the ponds


I run too hard

and hurt myself

I’ll probably do it again

bathe in blood, and sweat, and sin

why did I begin?


oh so fast,

I limp again,


I pray life slows me down.

If it can only teach itself

or learn a method how.


thin tether 4/23/18

In my life, I have only truly loved three women:


My high school sweetheart,

a burning flame with a college crush,


and now

your daughter.


Losing a love is hard

and it destroys your soul

a little more every time


but I was never prepared me for the lost of their families.


Their mother became my mother,

caring for me in their own special ways

showing me love


Their father became my father

showing me how to be a better man

welcoming me


Their little brother became my little brother

to guide and mentor

looking up to me


And just like those loves

their families too,

faded into void



yet vivid.


now, every interaction with your family

every breathe of kindnes

sends a shiver of fear down the core of my being


for our connection is but a tether,

to be cut



at the first sign of trouble.



Friendship · Guest Photographer

To the men who made me 4/20/2018

To the men who made me

forged me from steel

you’ve given me strength

and a love more real,

than ever I’ve known,

or ever I’ll feel.


Dear father, please hear me

know deep my heart

you’ve shown me life’s gears,

its machinations,

its parts.


Dear brother, you whole wild youth

I see earthly remains

of bold innate truth,

its brave fortitude,

burning greatly in you.


To the men who made me

chiseled from stone

you’ve given more life

than ever I’ve known


and I’ll love you more

than can ever be shown.


Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers 4/19/20 ( a rhyming exercise)

rubber baby buggy bumpers

rapping happily by back street dumpster cruppers

a full lump of clump trumpeters

say fast the last tax of a TJ max

or ask why the fly guy sigh’s politly

near by but no knows why

this strange strange guy cries

in lines of nine nights back

to back so tight he might fight

the flight too late to drive

I might lie not to a lazy layman lacking

the triumphant triumphs of a hazy

trained plan elephant fanaticaly

attacking the sacking of hacky sack

matches in mid October,

this droning rover

more grumpy than

a squeaky cleaning

gleaming Grover


Alexis 4/17/2018

Family is not blood

but the weight of the bond

which binds in loving tether

strong, fierce, together


For sister is a role

that my life’s never known

yet I’ve felt that love

for dear Alexis alone


Your strength,

inspires me

Your feats,

surprise me

your wisdom,

enlightens me


And in deepest night

or in Summer’s bright light


I will love




the big sis I never had

and the only one,

I’ll ever need


yet I have one request,

if you’d please,

smile for me today

and if its okay,

every other day too.


I absolve 4/15/2018

Love needn’t erupt


or hit you like bricks,

it needn’t be huge, wild,

or thick




love shimmers subtly

whispers quietly




it is not the big dates

the expensive gifts

the extravagant displays


Every once in a while


all I need, all I crave:

is your presence in the room,

the sound of you breathing

the look in your eye

the comfort of your conversations

a hug in the morning


I absolve money, power, fame,


all I crave: is a moment with you