Turn and face the sun my friend

the crisp fall hues will wilt and fade –

to hide, to heal, then grow again

my endless faith

where it’s always been.

Listen to the song bird’s ode

there is a wisdom in its truth –

to pass, to feel, so gently known

a thousand things

yet you’re never alone.

So give in to this gold still here

note the honey in its passing –

to say, to deal, in no despair

for colors change

yet never there:

no not this.

not you.

(we’re golden)

Sunset Darlings

you’ll shine

you’ll see

you will kiss the crisp morning

then lullaby the sun down.

One day

real soon

every footstep will ring out

with the sound of belonging.

I know it

I see it

like a solar eclipse mystifies

your glory will here align!

and I will be there friend

to cheer you on

while holding you up

to setting sun.

So shine –

you sunset darling,

shine for everyone!

The Cloud

How can I be so amazed

by something so far

so deeply cared for

yet close to my heart.

I hope The Cloud won’t worry

about where it stays

it’ll float right along

with grace all the same.

So ease your sweet mind

my friend The Cloud

dream your dreams softly

but say them out loud

to my friend, with love,

The Cloud.

The Color of Friends’ Skies

There is a truth

rooted and unchanging

beneath small wishes

among clouds sailing:

(I am thankful for you).

There is a smile

pleasant and genuine

that calls for nothing more

to end or begin:

(Just how you are).

There is a laugh

so special and unique

for still I treasure

all you say and think:

(endlessly precious to me).


I am thankful for you

just how you are

exactly how you are,

endlessly precious to me.