The Noticing

Do not let the sunsets pass quietly

those hues will not stay

the reds and yellows and purples

will melt into recession

dripping in tranquil nightfall.

Do not let the couples and lovers

chat in unnoticed companionship

the souls and masses and families

continue to prove to us

loving sprouts in those needed cracks.

Do not let the planes fly by

without thinking of its passengers

the lost and travelers and coming home

drink deeply from a sea

glistening in perception and imagination.

Within the innate dissatisfaction

blossoms these endless wonders,

bathe in them,

know them,

hold onto them,

until the noticing

crystalizes into radiant impenetrability

while we gloriously


Sunset Darlings

you’ll shine

you’ll see

you will kiss the crisp morning

then lullaby the sun down.

One day

real soon

every footstep will ring out

with the sound of belonging.

I know it

I see it

like a solar eclipse mystifies

your glory will here align!

and I will be there friend

to cheer you on

while holding you up

to setting sun.

So shine –

you sunset darling,

shine for everyone!

Providence Sky

This sky is our innate righteous providence

this road our innate destiny

with no sweeter a wine

than the blood in our veins

the taste of summer air

and the quiet salvation

in evening musings.

These nights are such curiosities

these wonders such treasures

with no more a golden amber

that the honey of wild dreams

the glory of fantasies

and the little trips

they take us on.

So fret not beautiful stranger:

no pain need temper our hearts

no soul can steal our experience

our gift:

the providence of the sky

the endlessness of the road

the taste of our precious dreams.


I cannot tell you

The color of tomorrow’s sunrise

or what hues will burn

like leaves before eyes.

I cannot tell you

which plants in your garden

will bloom before others

or which ones you will have to prune

and wait for a season longer.

But I can tell you,

tomorrow is on its way.

You will step into that all-new day,