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Don’t Give Up 7/24/2018

Anything of value

takes awhile to get


Need proof?


When was the last time

that something quick …


made you truly happy?


If you changed your passion

your mission

your goal


every time you failed at doing what’s next

every time your sacrifices bore no fruit

every time your work and your dreams, became vapor.


you’d do nothing but fail.


but if fail

and try again,

you can’t fail worse,


try again and maybe …


you don’t fail.

Maybe it was worth something.


maybe that dream,

is more valuable

than all alternatives,


“Ever tried.

Ever failed.

No matter.

Try again.

Fail again.

Fail better.”

– Samuel Becket


“Don’t give up”

– Josh Preston


“It was worth it.”

– You



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My Dear Goliath 7/6/2018

Somewhere out there waiting

my Goliath stands,

a titan among men,

blinded by his strength

cursed by his own size


so high on his mountain

he can not see the truth

of the world around him

the glare from blooded loot


so fat from his treasures

he can not hear the screams

of those his might has crushed

stolen or demeaned


and though I may die

or even god forbid,


grow giant just like them.


right now I am breathing

right now I am being

happily collecting rocks


no it isn’t steel

nor mighty bars alike

just pebbles, hopes, and dreams

on the slings of all my might


for the blind can not see

the fat will not hear

the titanic never feel


and by the gods,

some curse or gift,

I do rightly feel


and oh, those dear Goliaths

will know my worldly weight,

for all my rocks and visions

will move you from that space.

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Flower Apollo’s Need 7/1/2018

My sun shines sweetly

kissing all my thorns

watering me swiftly

oh how I love her more

of this bloom I’m sure


I’m growing more enthralled

through water rain and storm

yet I  wilt so wrecked and worn

for my love shines foreign shore

and all the while still

I love her even more


Every time I think of her

my heart it plants a seed

to grow around her feet


to protect my golden sun


Flower Apollo’s Need

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The Calling 4/13/2018

To the road on the hill

which beacons me softly

whispering sweetly,


“do not survive, but thrive

take the immaculate misconception

and run from it”


To the house by the lake

which acts as bait

to take me

entrap me,


“do not maintain, or know restraint

take the inconceivable deviation

and drive far away”


To the clouds on the horizon

which go on forever

stating plainly,


“do not stay in this safety

go boldly,freely


and on”

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O’ Summer Dream 4/9/2018

Give me O’ summer sun

that shines a breath of hope

that twirls and furls

fiery hope and fury

to shine down upon

new hope


Give me O river water

which washes out the old

heal me to crystal soul

a peace more real

I know


Give me O’ honeysuckle

singing such sweet scents

then play your tune

for mister moon

your blooming

angel wings


Give me O’ summer dream

dare I say I wait no more?

lightning crash

with leaves of grass

my patience ran its course

apple trees, summer please,

we’ll get there by horse


the sun,

my summer lover’s source.

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London fog and French cheeses 2/25/18

London fog and French cheeses
linger on my lips
receipts for dreams
and better things
on silken paper slips

Outside is cold
my hope grows old
this is all I have
never again will I behave
or hide myself from sin

Forgo this truth
let life begin
and may it never end

I want to see
this wild world
with my greatest friend

l’amour m’emmène
lover take me away
lets leave for France
and maybe, maybe,